Why the adrenaline from winning is almost as good as the prize

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There’s only one reason why people like to gamble and that is to experience a win. It goes without saying, winning is what motivates everyone to keep playing. However, the reasons that they enjoy that win can sometimes differ. While everyone enjoys getting their hands on the prize, there are also people out there that love the adrenaline rush of winning just as much. We look at why this is the case. 

It can stimulate a feeling of success

There is a reason that a lot of sports stars move into pro gambling after they retire. If they’re not able to move into the world of coaching, then they need another way to replace that feeling of success they got when they played. It’s why if you sit at an online poker table at any of the best NJ online casino sites, there is a chance that you are sitting there with a sporting legend of the last ten years!

The adrenaline rush that the brain gets from winning when gambling is very similar to the adrenaline rush the brain gets from being a sporting success. That feeling of the crowd cheering your name and the elation of your teammates can be replicated by grabbing a win on a slot machine or getting an amazing poker hand. This acts as a replacement for what was once a regular part of their life.

This is why “regular” people also enjoy it

The fact that so many people try to find out about good online casino sites speaks to how this has an impact on the brain. If this feeling can replicate something that world famous sports stars are accustomed to, then there is no surprise that regular people enjoy it as well. 

Why is this the case though? Part of the reason is that it’s getting one over on somebody else – a feeling of superiority. This is very well linked to sports gambling as well. With sports gambling, many people enjoy the feeling of knowledge that a correct bet provides. Everyone believes that they understand their favorite sport better than other people. By correctly predicting aspects of different games, this is their opportunity to prove it is the case. 

With sports betting offering lots of different markets, it is also a way to enjoy the statistical element of sport to get an even greater appreciation for it. By winning money, it shows that they don’t just know about the game, but they also understand it to a very high level. 


The feeling of excitement that an adrenaline rush provides is also a huge reason why players love to win. It ensures that players get a feeling of achievement and enjoyment from the win on top of the prize that they have. This is especially the case for smaller wins, but even larger wins can elicit the same response as players start to think about the purchases they can make with their winnings. 

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