Slot machine tricks

It is difficult to find slot machine tricks on the Internet that are actually useful. Most of the advice either comes from dubious sources or is downright nonsensical. We at CasinoPilot24 have made ourselves smart for you to see to what extent you can really influence slots, what the manipulation of slot machines with magnets is all about and which slot machine tricks 2020 are actually useful.

The most important tip we can give is simply to only play at reputable casinos. Everything else is almost irrelevant. There is no point in playing fake Book of Ra slots on dubious sites that do not pay out the winnings in the end. We guarantee only one online casino Germany that is fair and has a license . It is primarily about warning players about black sheep in the world of online casinos.

Reality of the response rate from slot machines

Most slot machines are assumed to be preprogrammed and designed in such a way that the player ultimately turns bad. The whole thing is called the response rate. This should be 90% for slot machines in gaming halls, and at online casinos it should be a bit cheaper, namely 95%. If you believe the allegations, then the long-term loss rate is 5 – 10% for the player.

Of course, there is no such preprogramming in real life. Still, the house edge on slot machines is usually 2-5%. However, this is not manipulation on the part of the operator, but simply mathematics. The games are created by stochastics professionals , i.e. mathematicians who are very familiar with probabilities.

Beware of tips from the Internet that are difficult to check

There are tips circulating on the Internet that say that if you are lucky, you as a player should take advantage of higher stakes in order to win more. If the principle of the response rate is correct, however, implementing such false tips can lead to huge profit losses. Even with the slot machines, some advertise completely dubious

Is that why you should let the fun of gambling spoil you? Definitely not. In fact, there are some slot machine tricks and techniques that can help you become a better, more focused player, and greatly increase your chances of leaving the casino with your pockets full. In our guide to the slot machine tricks 2020 for slots we will introduce you to the really tried and tested strategies below.

Fairy tale 1: Manipulating slot machines with mobile phones

Perhaps you have already stumbled upon articles that want to explain that there are slot machine manipulation apps that should help you win big. Information is circulating in forums and blogs that this is precisely why many casinos do not allow mobile phones. The reason why you are often not allowed to take your mobile phone with you to the casino is, however, a completely different one, which we will discuss later.

For example, there are so -called Merkur slot machine tricks in circulation that claim that you are able to let the slot machine give you all the money with your mobile phone. The fairy tale comes from a software bug in the Merkur company in 2014, which was exploited by fraudsters, who were able to crack the machines with their phones in a single day.

Due to an extremely detailed plan of the criminal gang, Merkur could not stop the manipulation of slot machines with mobile phones quickly enough and lost large amounts that day. Such a thing is no longer possible nowadays and would also be punishable by the way.

Fairy tale 2: manipulate slot machines with magnets

Another myth that persists is the magnet. It was actually possible to manipulate slot machines with magnets in the past, when the technology of the slot machines of that time was not yet fully developed. The magnet worked by confusing the machine with its vibrations, which then spat out some of the money.

The slot machines that are used in casinos today can no longer be manipulated with a magnet. Perhaps such an unusable slot machine will still be on display at one or the other collector’s home, but you will look for it in vain in a game library.

Slot machine tricks have nothing to do with banning mobile devices

slot machine tricksThere is therefore no risk of manipulating slot machines with a mobile phone and is therefore not the reason why mobile telephones are not allowed in many gaming libraries. The real reason for the cell phone ban is that you can take photos or videos with the smart devices and that is not welcome in a casino. Gamblers are reluctant to appear in any photos – regardless of whether they are in the foreground or randomly in the background.

Even today, when it comes to gambling, people frown and have strong prejudices against fans of casino games. In addition, casinos want to avoid gamblers cheating on their cell phones by photographing cards or secretly communicating with accomplices.

Whoever uses the word hacker is usually not a hacker – or just wants to hack you yourself

So we want to point out again: don’t believe the apps that advertise casinos with hacking skills. Slot machine manipulation applications are only after your money and your personal information. So you have to be absolutely careful! New slot machines are always subjected to lengthy tests before they enter the gaming libraries.

Manufacturers know about the manipulation attempts by players and of course develop their games in such a way that they are safe from fraudsters and their sophisticated Merkur slot machine tricks and Novoline slot machine tricks.